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Date:2011-06-01 19:13
Subject:More about meeeee!!!
Mood: accomplished

I thought it'd be nice for my (lack of) readers to know a little more about myself, so I bombarded myself with a question.

Question: So Marc (I ask in third person), what kind of person are you?

er: Clearly Marc (I respond third person to keep the trend) I am the type of person who asks inappropriate questions to acquaintances and then wonders why he gets strange looks. Who thinks the World of himself even if others wonder 'why?’. Who uses wit to make up for a lack of dynamic conversation skills. Who is extremely handsome, except in photos.

Then I decided to list some of things that make me, well, me.

Likes: Comics; Law&Order (original); Superhero Movies; the Gym; Martinis; Kissing my boyfriend; rando-sarcastic-humour; Play-on-words; Hyphens; 90s Brit-Pop/Trip-hop music; Reality shows (except Survivor); Anything with Drag Queens. 

Dislikes: Glee; Commentary on TV; ‘Woo! Girls’; Angry drunks; Portrayals of domestic or family abuse; Bluntness; Brash, rude statements; Men's feet (except mine, they're pretty); Anything with Neil Patrick Harris.


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Date:2011-06-01 19:11
Subject:Born This HEEEEEEY! A track by track analysis.
Mood: sarcastic

 Well the time has come to find out if Amurica's Next Top Pop-star/style icon/maman monstre is actually worth the hype. At first I wasn't really that interested in this release, what with the hype, the media coverage and frankly every homo from Hull to Utah mentioning it every five seconds, but then something last week hit me and I started growing anxious. The subliminal messages finally hit and I became entranced by the sleek videos and catchy (and fishy) hooks. Folks I was trapped in a limbo of anticipation, I mean I suffered the seven stages of waiting for GaG(a);

1) Praying (Please let this album be better than the artwork)
2) Clubbin' (I've noticed that the sans 'g' has every potential of making me dangerously hip hop)
3) Dancin' (following trend to number two. "Let them play GaGa, let them play GaGa" I would scream in my head)
4) Anticipating (this word is less hood and deserves better)
5) Grating (my teeth... GaG(a) better use my 11.99 to help buy me some crowns)
6) Labeling (You've heard me calling at the clubs, "You ain't as GaGa as I am, I was Born this Gay, Bitch please", as well I wailed the 'Judas' cat call in the ears of passing strangers on the street.)
7) Mastur.... (er excuse me Marc, this is a kids show)

Now before I get to silly and drag the room down I thought I'd do a track by track analysis of the album and give my so that you can fully absorb how I felt while listening. It's also early enough in the AM that I actually feel like I'm being productive, although dreadfully, dreadfully lazy.

1. Marry The Night = A power ballad worthy of Whitney = 4/5
2. Born This Way = Forget the Madonna angle, this overplayed gem still has a nice message of hope = 4/5
3. Government Hooker = High Octane that tastes like Harajuku = 4.5/5
4. Judas = predictable chorus but non-the-less brilliant = 4.5/5
5. Americano = something I'd expect you'd find on Glee (I'd assume, as I don't watch that show) = 3.5/5
6. Hair = Lyrically not a strong track = 3.5/5
7. Schiße = Pure filth transformed into genius = 5/5
8. Bloody Mary = Another brow beating religious metaphor = 4/5
9. Bad Kids = Filler no killer = 3/5
10. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) = Another killer track, chalk full of hollow 80s drums = 4.5/5
11. Heavy Metal Love = Instant club hit, what Christina tried and failed to do on her last album = 4.5/5
12. Electric Chapel = What? More religious messages. I assume she really has also become 'Born Again' this year = 4/5
13. Yoü and I = GaG(a) steals Carrie Underwood's band and creates a Pop Country song I adore (no really!) = 5/5
14. Edge of Glory = This song embodies so much brilliance and emotion, a great way to close the album = 5/5

So folks after several hours of calculation I give the album an overall average of 4.2/5 (or if you want to be picky an 8.4/10 or 84%). I'm thoroughly surprised at the quality brought before me, as I was originally turned off by the Arcee inspired art and overproduced nature of the first two singles. This just proves that (and I know it's hard to except) that I can be wrong, but at the end of the day folks (dare I end it on such an obvious note, ah what the hell) I was born this way.

ps. Bonus tracks:

Black Jesus + Amen Fashion = NYC inspired Pop that Madonna wishes she had written = 4/5
Fashion of his Love = Whitney's calling GaGa, she wants her voice back = 4.5/5
The Queen = Using Queen references and a beat my grandmother could have written creates 'meh-ness' = 3.5/5


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Date:2011-03-08 10:32
Subject:A Mystical Weekend of Wonder and Enchantment
Mood: Smilestimes

Weekends seem to be structured in the same basic principle, on Friday after work people relax at home, take in a movie, do their grocery shopping, sit in a pub and complain to other work cronies, go home and sleep off the tough week they have experienced. Saturday usually is filled with an action packed non-stop, rollercoaster ride type fun which then is met with ‘buyers-remorse’, if you will, on Sunday. Sunday is the day for hangovers to be coddled, where weekly prep is done, when were guiltily clean our homes, do our laundry and hide from the big bad World under our thick feathery duvets.  Though my analysis is quite accurate I found this weekend was completely the opposite of what I described.

One of the joys of working for the Quebec school system is the extra days off because of student holidays. As it was reading week last week I was lucky enough to have a day off on Friday. I spent the entire day reading, cleaning, catching up on housework and to be honest being completely bored and frustrated. As my Yoga teacher Jennifer warned me the night before, Friday was a ‘New Moon’ (sans Vampires), and therefore my energy would be at its lowest. I was meant to keep busy as not to fall into a dark, dank pit of depression. I did my best and was aided by cookies, hot chocolate and the odd abdominal crunch to even things out.

Saturday, though a torrential storm of slush consumed Ottawa, this actually served as a perky wake-me-up. I was able to go shopping in Montreal with my Mother to such posh shops as Ogilvy’s and Holt Renfrew, but mostly I was happy to go to H&M (for underwear) and then Café M (for sandwiches). On the way home, Mums and I belted out Cranberries’ tunes (an indulgence frowned upon in my apartment) and enjoyed a lengthy discussion on how we both agreed the customer service industry has gone downhill (tsk-tsk employers).

Though the weekend was coming to a screeching halt the actual highlight was strangely on Sunday evening when my brother, myself,  a couple of token goils (New Jersey slang for ladies) and a Mutha-Truckin’ load of vivacious gays piled into a limo headed to the Scotia Bank Place to see the Scissor Sisters and Lady GaGa in concert. First we were invited to Nepean for drinks and a meal (strangely yet not surprisingly I knew half the invited guests) at a newly purchased house by friends. After lots and lots of beer and champers we took a white SUV Limo to the venue and upon arrival crammed our toned/tanned/fantastic bodies as tightly as possible to the stage. The concert was ‘A’-mazing, the people fantastic (three Facebook friend adds after the show by gorgeous, sweet men) and over-all just a grand (Monster) ball of an experience. The only downside was that my ride was too intoxicated to drive me back downtown but I was lucky to get another ride close enough for me to catch a bus. 

At one AM I stumbled in, had a shower and crashed for 5 hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep before my alarm for work went off.  Sitting at my desk I felt to be the most dedicated (yet sleepiest) employee my bosses ever had hired. All in all it was the most deliciously backwards weekend I’ve had in ages, and I savoured every minute.


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Date:2011-03-01 11:04
Subject:GaG(a) is back but why isn't she #1?
Mood: Born This Gay

Lady GaGa has returned with her new single "Born This Way", from the album.... you guessed it folks Born This Way.  The song is basically a Madonna inspired-shout out to all the 'different' people in the World about being proud about who you are (this reviewer gives it a B+).  The song has charted #1 in the US, Canada, Ireland and Australia, but staggered at #3 in the UK.  Recently online music blog Popjustice asked it's readers to"send us an email containing three (3) reasons why 'Born This Way' is not Number One this week."

The answers became so clear to me that I speadily responded...

... because:
1)      The egg GaGa popped out of at the Grammy’s didn’t look free range and thanks to Jamie Oliver no one in England can enjoy a full-english without feeling guilty.

2)      The several references to God in the song has confused Pop audiences into believe the GaG(a) has become Born Again (instead of Born this Way).

3)      The bootleg off her official website spread faster than an STD at an Aerosmith concert. Thus beating out the mad rush for the track on iTunes. We live in a generation where people would rather listen to tin-y, low quality mp3s rather than an actual proper version of the track.  But also Adele managed to write a genius record which deserved much more recognition.  


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Date:2011-02-23 10:16
Subject:The King of Limbs pt. 2

It should also be mentioned that I did in fact purchase the deluxe package for "The King of Limbs", which includes:

  • Two clear 10" vinyl records in a purpose-built record sleeve.
  • A compact disc.
  • Many large sheets of artwork, 625 tiny pieces of artwork and a full-colour piece of oxo-degradeable plastic to hold it all together.
  • The Newspaper Album comes with a digital download that is compatible with all good digital media players.
  • The Newspaper Album will be released and shipped from 1st June 2011
  • Shipping is included in the prices shown. ($48)
  • One lucky owner of the digital version of The King Of Limbs, purchased from this website, will receive a signed 2 track 12" vinyl.
This is tres exciting (besides the fact it will take 4 months to ship the actual album).


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Date:2011-02-23 09:53
Subject:The King of Limbs
Mood: cheerful

In celebration of Radiohead’s new opus The King of Limbs I have compiled a list of my favourite songs by this amazing band. This band has meant so much to me since I was 14, when I first heard the song ‘Just’ on the Big Shiny Tunes compilation, by Much Music. Since then I have been hooked on almost every track I could get hold of, although in 2000 I was almost dissuaded by their Grammy nominated Kid A, but have since realized it was about a decade before its time. My top ten (in no particular order) are as follows:

1.       Everything in its Right Place (from Kid A, 2000): Masterful and beautiful and beyond the realm of dream trance.

2.       Just (from The Bends, 1995): By far one of the greatest songs ever written, smooth, sassy and full of energy

3.       We suck Young Blood (from Hail to the Thief, 2003): Beautiful, dark and a criticism of the Media, all things I like.

4.       Talk Show Host (Nellee Hooper Remix) (from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack, 1996): Nellee Hooper really added the extra level to this fantastic b-side (originally on the Street Spirit single, 1996).

5.       Morning Bell/Amnesiac (from Amnesiac, 2001): This is the tragic cousin of Kid A’s 'Morning Bell' that you just want to hold tight and fall asleep with.

6.       Idioteque (from Kid A, 2000): The most electronic and dance-crazed Radiohead track to date. Every time I hear this song I wanna bust a move.

7.       Lucky (from OK Computer, 1997): Have you ever had a day where you just felt like you needed to be saved? This song is what does it for me.

8.       Videotape (from In Rainbows, 2007): This song floored me the first time I heard it. ‘Nuff Said.

9.       I Will (Los Angeles version) (from 2+2=5 single, 2003): This is the extended recording of I Will (originally from Hail to the Thief) and in my opinion the version that should have been used for the album.

10.   Street Spirit (Fade Out) (From The Bends, 1995): A perfect outro and way to end this list. The sheer beauty of this song can only be realized by listening to its pure unbridled poetry.


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Date:2011-01-31 06:58
Subject:2011 in Cinema
Mood: Reviewin'

 Third year of Film Reviews... This post will be ever-growing.

1. The King's Speech = A = This film is what I can only describe as close to perfect. If Colin Firth doesn't win the Oscar for Best Actor then I will clearly stop watching the Academy Awards. (update: HE WON!!!)
2. Bridesmaids = A- = Despite the few comedy and story cliches, this film is burst out loud, piss your pants funny.  The chemistry between Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig is the best of any SNL cast members in film history.
3. Evangelion 2.0: You can (not) Advance = A- = Okay, so technically not a 2011 as it was released originally in 2009, but technically because it was released in Canada in 2011 I'm going to review it.  This film was spectacular, the animation, the voice acting, the computer graphics, the story line.  The film in whole gives me new respect for Japanime. 
4. The Help = A- = An ambitious piece of fiction with heart, soul and a lot of heart.  This film doesn't brow beat the audience with the message of blacks agains't whites but still maintains the hardships of the time and fills one with a sense of what it might have been like to live in a World where prejudice was still considered to be mainstream.
5. Captain America: The First Avenger = B+ = Like a 1940s serial, this film was bold, cheesy and full of life.  This was probably the best attempt this year at a superhero film and was only faltered by the clear lack of a menacing villain.
6. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2= B+ = The final Harry Potter movie did succeed in tying the story line neatly together and was entertaining but unfortunately fell into the trap that so many series finales do, it became incredibly predictable.
7. Never Let Me Go = B+ = Another slow paced Carey Mulligan film (surprise) with a lot of heart and beautiful scenery.  The concept brilliant was let down slightly by the acting ability and connection of the characters.
8. The Social Network = B+ = Ooooh JT... Ohhhhh girl from Parks and Recreation/The Office.  Besides these two completely blatant money-grabber attempts at gaining an audience, this movie was pretty cleverly drafted and well executed, although had a rushed ending.  Let's hope Andrew Garfield maintains his appeal in Spider-Man 3D and pray this film wins the Oscar for Best Original Score. (update: IT DID!!!)
9. Super 8 = B+ = Flickers of brilliance in this flash JJ Abrams special effects version of 'The Goonies' are fleeting.  The emotional story line of children and parents, life and death and growing up in the late 1970s works most of the time, unfortunatly it's constantly interupted with a confliict with the US Airforce and a silly CGI monster, whos agenda seems to change every 20 minutes.
10. Thor = B+ = Slight cheese factor, but beautifully shot.  The first half of the film was genius and the second half faltered slightly with the lack of story line, though still quite enjoyable.
11. X-Men: First Class = B+ = This film has a strange pace and, as my cousin put it, 'too many cute scenes', but overall it was very enjoyable.  Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy stole the show and surprisingly I felt there was not enough January Jones.
12. 50/50 = B = Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a cute, insecure cancer patient.  Seth Rogan plays his buddy... Seth Rogan.  This slow paced tale of a young man's battle with cancer is light, funny and touching, but really doesn't move at a pace to make it more than a fluffy film for autumn.
13. Hanna = B = This film was arty for being arty's sake. Beautiful shot and wonderfully cast, I did however think the flaw was in the character Cate Blanchett played. Why was she so obsessed in tracking this girl down? Why did it matter whether she lived or died? Why hire the creepiest German killer to go after them?  Unfortunately we are never meant to know.
14. Horrible Bosses = B = Predictable plot and subpar jokes from a fantastic cast who's characters felt underdeveloped.  The lack-luster ending added to my dismay but overall the film was entertaining enough for a Sunday afternoon.
15. Limitless = B = Bradley Cooper is sullen in dull colours, but a magic pill makes his life full of contrast and makes him 'limitless'.  The film is full of plot holes and though Sir Brad is as charming and handsome as ever, the film lacks in character and story development.
16. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol = B = Lots of action and terrible acting still equals lots of action and terrible acting.  I was going to give it a C+, but the stunts were too good and I decided to be generous.
17. Sucker Punch = B = Massive amounts of CG and fast paced action sequences don't make up for a lack of story and character development in this 2 hour 'race against time'. Still, it is a candy coated sugar rush with an amazing soundtrack.
18. Scream 4 = B- = The overall message of this film was that horror sequels are tired and predictable, this film was no exception.  It probably had one of the most interesting intros, though the most bizarre and sadly uninteresting twist ending in the franchise.  Worth a watch but overall feels like an older generation of film makers trying to be hip by reinventing a series that is no longer ground breaking.
19. I AM NUMBER 4 = C+ = Sexy teens in 'real trouble'.  We open with a Megahot Alien (good guy) running away from Megaugly Aliens (bad guys) for him only to find a megahot outcast girlfriend (likely) and other Megahot good guy Aliens.  The special effects could give X-Men a run for their money, but the storyline and acting makes Fantastic Four look like Hamlet.
20. The Thing = C+ = A prequel that is soooo in your face with scares and CGI and bad acting and characters you couldn't care less for, that it makes me wonder... would I have actually liked this film if I hadn't seen the (brilliant) original from 1982?  I'd still like to think I wouldn't.
21. Transformers: Dark of the Moon = C+ = Despite the fantastic CGI and cinematography, this film does exactly what it says on the tin and sometimes even less.  The soundtrack, acting and plot make this $195 Million blockbuster quite boring and completely unoriginal.  Rose Huntington-Whiteley's who played Shia LaBeouf's new beautiful/vapid girlfriend actually made me long for the days of Megan Fox. 
22. Green Lantern = C = This over the top toy ad had more product placement then a GaG(a) video.  A movie that relies most on special effects to construct a story line isn't much of a film especially when you add a script that is 'Action Screenplay 101' topped off with a large amount of undeveloped characters.  The result is a giant pile of fromage.  It's a real shame as this film was chalk full of potential and contained an amazing cast. 
23. Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son= D+ = A generic pile of crap, mixed with crap, add a dash of crap and then a pinch more crap.  Martin Laurence finds another excuse to get into drag and drags his son along for the ride.  Pun intended.


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Date:2011-01-12 11:55
Subject:2011, what does it all mean?
Mood: contemplative

The New Year is upon us all. 

Again I have been pondering to myself why do we do what we do?   Why must be strive hard day to day?  What is the point of life?  These questions of course have no real answers.  The answer differs from person to person, therefore containing an infinite amount of possibilities.  The reason I yearly question this is because sometimes the endless ideas are overwhelming.  Why must we stay true to one path when the road ahead holds so many opportunities?  The thing I find most intriguing is that we seem to forget what fantastic lives most of us already have in the search of self growth. 

The typical thing to do is New Year is to make resolutions to better ourselves. From January until about mid-March all the local gyms are packed with people trying to work off what they believe are imperfections.  Waking up earlier so that more work can be accomplished to show our bosses that we are worth the raise we so desperately want to pay for whatever luxury we can get our hands on.  We then hibernate inside our homes to save money, and become detached from our loved ones and use excuses such as the cold weather to focus on what we need to get done to better ourselves.

 I believe we focus so much energy on how to better ourselves that we forget that we are who we are because of our flaws and the people around us.  Ironically this fueled feeling of self comes to us after Christmas, supposedly the season of giving.  Are we all afraid that we have given too much of ourselves and now we must take everything back?

To reflect again on my previous questions perhaps the purpose of life is the continual growth of our mental and physical selves but I hope that we never forget who we really are and where we come from.  Hopefully my message this year will be served as a reminder to not lose yourself in your resolutions and to remember those you love and who love you. 

My New Years wish is that you stay safe and happy and that this year fills you with generous amounts of vigour and that it treats you entirely with the respect and happiness you deserve.

All the best,


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Date:2010-12-17 21:24
Subject:Anty Up Frosty, it's Christmas!
Mood: v.v. excited

 Well the World falls silent as the snow trickles in downtown Canada and creates the perfect scene for another glorious Xmas.  Unfortunately the tree Matthew and I bought is so f'n huge it keeps tilting and knocking itself over.  We FINALLY tracked down some string and nails and managed to secure the damn thing to the wall.  Anxious to decorate but also afraid that all our decorations would be smashed (if it should tumble again) I chanced putting the cheesy (yet gloriously tacky) ornament given to me by a co-worker in hopes there would be no cartoon irony of tree completely falling apart after being touched.  Fortunately folks, it is staying up and let's hope for longer than it did last night (exactly 2 hours).

I am beaucoup excited for this Christmas as this year I actually have a unionized job that pays me 7 glorious days of Holiday pay (eat it up suckers!)  On top of which I get to eat loads, not worry about the gym and give (and receive) marvelous gifts in lovely wrapping.  Best of all I get to see my beyond huge family and those oh-so-elusive friends who have dispersed to such big time cities as "Toronto", "Fort Lauderdale", "Montreal", "Kanata" (yes the last being ever so close, yet very far at the same time).  

If it sounds like I'm bragging, I'm sorry, but HA!  I love this time of year and it's one of the few things in my simple life I can actually brag about.

I promise my New Years message will be more reflective and humble.  


ps.  keep checking my ever growing/edited movie reviews for the year 2010 about 7 posts below.  Next Wednesday I will be adding "Black Swan".

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Date:2010-11-09 15:59
Subject:Music gets the best of me.
Mood: working late

I was reading an article about how music reflects and impacts our lives in many ways, sometimes without even knowing it.  Creating a mood, a memory, a connection, music is a large aspect of everyone’s life.  Now this idea is very interesting to me, if our lives were films, what albums would be a part of our personal soundtracks.  Obviously there are hundreds of records you could choose from, but I decided to narrow the list down to five.   These five choices reflect more or less mile stone events in my history, whether they are the most significant mile stones in my life is hard for me to say.

Five Albums that belong to the soundtrack of my life:


Michael Jackson “Bad” (1987)

My Mum loved buying tapes when I was a kid, and this is the first album I remember listening to that wasn’t a “Sharon, Lois and Bram” compilation.  We played this tape about four times a day for that first year we had it.  This album came at the right time as well.  After my Dad left my Mum worked a lot and was always tired when she came home, but we always seemed to laugh and have fun every time this album was played.   It’s strange to now think that as a kid of 5 or 6 years old I would sing songs called “Dirty Diana” and “Man in the Mirror”.


Garbage “Garbage” (1995)

This was the first rock album I ever bought (I was probably 13 or 14 years old).  I had heard “Queer” off a compilation album and I was ravenous for more and more.  This album also allowed me to open myself up to those darker teenage thoughts one would have and feel that I wasn’t alone, that someone else understood and had gone through similar situations and could relate to the angst.


Ash “Nu-Clear Sounds” (1998)

This album made a big impact on me.  It’s not the best Ash album, but I bought it right around the time that I started to drift from my friends from High School.   Each track uses a strong guitar and harsh hook and I listened to it as much as I possibly could.  Reflecting back I think this album was my therapy in coming to terms with the changes in my life.


The Dandy Warhols “13 Tales from Urban Bohemia” (2000)

University was a brand new experience for me and this album was instrumental in the transition.  It was great meeting people from all different walks of life and this album is the embodiment of that feeling.  Being a Visual Art student everyone had a different level of bohemian energy and we merged into our own little clique.  Whether you be “Godless”, all you wanted to do is “Get off”, liked rocking on “Horse Pills”, this album was very much a part of that time.


Metric “Old World Underground, where are you now?” (2003)

My ex-boyfriend introduced me to Metric, and this album, when we first started dating in 2005.  It was around the time I finished University and was in limbo of what I was doing with my life.  He introduced me to several great bands but this album really stuck out for me.  For months I would play it on repeat in iTunes and on my iPod.  This album brought back all those wonderful feelings I had about music when I was a kid.  When the relationship with the ex soured this was a great reminder of how sometimes something good can come out of a bad situation. 


Well that’s all folks.  I love that no matter where you are in life, how many people you meet and events you experience, music is eternal.


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Date:2010-10-14 11:29
Subject:This round of the best of... TV!!!
Mood: complacent

In the wake of probably on the best shows ever to come out of Britain... of course I'm speaking of The Inbetweeners, I decided to make a list of the best TV comedies EVER (in my opinion):

Best 10 Comedy shows on TV EVER!!!

  1. The Golden Girls
  2. Arrested Development
  3. Fawlty Towers
  4. 30 Rock (only seasons 1-3)
  5. Inbetweeners
  6. Absolutely Fabulous
  7. Little Britain
  8. Friends
  9. The Cosby Show
  10. Kath and Kim (original Aussie version)

.... and because we love Dawn French:
   11. The Vicar of Dibley


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Date:2010-08-03 12:00

I reconnected with Kevin, a guy I had gone to High School with and hadn't seen since.  We had a drink on Friday and really bonded.  Sunday he asked if I could join him, his girlfriend and her friends to see the POP LIFE exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada.  I'm glad I said yes because what I encountered was an amazing array of work.  Prints by Andy Warhol, samples of Tracey Emin, photos by Jeff Koons, sculptures by Damien Hurst and the list goes on.

The highlights were of course Warhol's prints, a man-made (out of a horse I believe) Unicorn in a glass case by Damien Hurst, the "Adam and Eve: After The Fall" pornographic wall sized photos by Jeff Koons and, in my opinion, the best of the best, sculptures and video of Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami practices an art form he calls "SUPERFLAT" which involves very detailed, anime-type, work presented like a superflat cartoon.  His sculpture "My Lonesome Cowboy" was present (and worth $15.2 Million).  There was also his "Akihabra Majokko Princess" video which is a music video he produced in Japan, directed by McG ("Charlie's Angels", "Terminator Salvation") and starring Kirsten Dunst, singing "Turning Japanese", originally by The Vapors.  This was shown on an extremly large HD flat screen, surrounded by a giant SUPERFLAT drawing of Kirsten in the Sailor Moon-type outfit she wears in the video.

I was amazed by Murakami's body of work, not only does he make amazing modern Pop items but he designed a series of shoes for Louis Vuitton and designed the artwork for Kayne West's "Graduation" album.

The last pieces of the show were soiled, mounted tablecloths by Reena Spauling, which Kevin became enamored with. The concept was that she took tablecloth's left from dinner parties and made them into art.  They resembled very avant-guard paintings.  Kevin aims to have a dinner party and make one himself to hang in his house.

We all left the exhibit smiling, and happy we had gone.  We then went to The Brig, in the market, and talked about the exhibit for hours afterwords.  It was a lot of fun and I'm really glad I've reconnected with someone from my past that is so interesting.  I predict good times ahead!!!


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Date:2010-07-29 12:43
Subject:AVENGERS, some ASSEMBLage required
Mood: *coffing*

Well GGs we have the official roster for the Avengers movie from San Diego Comic Con.  Joss Whedon will write and direct the film, and it will be released on May 4th, 2012 (Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!)




  1. Nick Fury – Samuel L. Jackson
  2. Captain America – Chris Evans
  3. Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr.
  4. Hulk – Mark Ruffalo (replacing Edward Norton who was suddenly fired with no explanation)
  5. Thor – Chris Hemsworth
  6. Black Widow – Scarlett Johansson
  7. Hawkeye - Jeremy Renner
  8. (potentially) War Machine – Don Cheadle (but not confirmed)
With so many characters and no villain announced (yet), hopefully this film will be well made and not like X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Spider-Man 3 or (the worst of the worst) Batman and Robin.  Basically folks, I am in geek heaven once more. Let’s hope they don’t F*** it up!


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Date:2010-07-18 19:42
Subject:Birthday Magic 2010
Mood: happy

Well hello Gals and Gorillas.  It's that magical time of year when a young man's fancy turns into... BIRTHDAY MADNESS!!!  Yes, that's right, I celebrated my 28th Birthday yesterday and boy oh boy was it fantastic.   The week started terribly as first my brother has stopped speaking to me (long story that makes us both look like a-holes) and second where I found out that my work contract will be cancelled.  I will be jobless after the 3rd of September with the DND (side note: this is due to budget cuts and not my quality of work as they told me they would have preferred to keep me).  Otherwise the week broke down like this:

Wednesday (the 14th):  My friend Dan invited Matthew and I over for a BBQ with Cosmos, music and lovely burgers.  Our friends Megan and Yani were also in attendance.  Dan organized this soiree for me as he was unable to attend my Bday gathering on the Saturday. Twas a pretty fantastic time.  

Friday night (the 16th) I went out with family to Social, a swank restaurant on Sussex.  It was glorious, I ate, drank and had oodles of lovely prezzies.  My Mother was so generous, she paid for everyone's meal and we had a grand ol' time.  I have a rule that I must have a Loblaws black forest cake every year for my bday and this year was no exception.  The sugary mess of chocolate and marischino cherries has been a tradition since I was about 14 and was devoured.  That night I had another burger, covered in Foie Gras.

The Saturday (the 17th- my bday) Matthew and I went to see the new Christopher Nolan movie, Inception, at the IMAX.  The short review is below in the 2010 movie review post.  I woke up to Matthew tickling my feet and bringing me my presents, which were amazing.  He bought me a Fuji Instax 210 camera with two packs of instant film, a shirt from Tommy Hilfiger and a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne.   His family also sent me some lovely cards and some cash which will be put towards my new DSLR.  Later that night we had some friends over for cocktails, nibbles and champagne.  We then went to the Mercury Lounge where I managed to get so intoxicated I spilt my fruity martini on patrons, left, right and centre.  

Today (Sunday the 18th) I faced my hang over head-on and met up again with Megan and Yani.  We went to a pub/brewery near my apartment called Le Brasseurs de Temps.  Their friends met us and we drank (Bloody Mary was essential) and ate (burgers AGAIN!!!)  and were, of course, merry.

Finally readers, I am relaxing and taking in the wonderful weekend I've had.  Overall I'd have to say this was one of the best BDAY ever.  I'm so lucky and blest to have such amazing family and friends and of course my (words can not describe how much I love you) partner!!!


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Date:2010-03-16 13:24
Subject:2010 in Film

Heya gang-diddy gang gang.  This post will be ever growing and will be focused on the films I see in 2010.  I will try to maintain a grade order as I did with my 2009 films.

1. Toy Story 3 = A = Arguably the best of the trilogy.  This movie is surprisingly dark and emotional but also genius and will leave anyone spell bound and reministant of their favourite childhood toy.
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1 = A- = Visually stunning, emotionally appealing.  This film was far superior to the last, but funny enough got a worse review on "Rotten Tomatoes".  My only complaint is that it dragged a bit towards the end.
3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World = A- = Edgar Wright, you ingenious bastard!  Not only was this probably the best film about SEVEN EVIL EXES, I could arguably say it was the best film with the word SEVEN used, or even the best film I've ever seen (on a Cheap Tuesday at The World Exchange Movie Theatre.... Ottawa, Canada)
4. An Education = B+ = Bottom line, this film was brilliant, despite the fact it didn't really go anywhere or do anything.
5. Easy A = B+ = Emma Stone is a rising star and this film is a perfect example of her great talent.
6. Inception = B+ = Christopher Nolan is a very good Director.  This film had heart, action and the sexy Joseph Gordon Levitt.  The only thing it didn't have was character consistancy and a story that stayed sharp the whole time.  They also needed another word for 'Dream' because it was used about as many times as the 'F' word in 'Summer of Sam' by Spike Lee.
7. Kick-Ass = B+ = Pretty awesome flick by Matthew Vaughn, where the action, dialogue and story are pretty (dare I say it?) Kick-Ass.  The only problem for me was that I didn't really find any of the character likable and the concept of turning an 11 year old girl into a foul-mouthed assasin bothered me slightly.
8. Sherlock Holmes = B+ = I was more a sceptic than anything when I heard that gritty action director Guy Ritchie was helming and that Robert Downy Jr. would be playing the famous British sleuth but this film generally was one of the most enjoyable I have seen all year.
9. Black Swan = B =   The hype more than anything destroyed this film for me.  While watching it I was not overly moved and felt the plot uneven.  Upon reflection when I got home I realized it had touched me in some ways, and as a film was quite stunning. 
10. Get Him To The Greek = B = Standard, funny spin-off of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", Jonah Hill plays a slightly calmer Jonah Hill and Russel Brand, of course, stars as himself.
11. Hot Tub Time Machine = B = I was surprised how funny and well made this film was.  I love how Chevy Chase was the 'Wise-Old Keeper of Time' character.  This film is the 'Mr. Destiny' of the 2010s.
12. Iron Man 2 = B = Probably the most disappointing film of the year.  I really wanted this to be better than the first one, but the lack of 'oomph' and character development made this film fall short.  The villains really weren't that evil and the story was really not that great.  The action was clearly the best part.
13. Megamind = B = This movie was a bit of a let down.  Not enough humour and too much mushy plot line left for lackluster entertainment.  Thank goodness the animation and 3D effects were spectacular.
14. Splice = B = Over-all an intense and interesting movie, until the end where the writers and actors seemed bored with chasing the ever-growing-somehow-unstoppable "Dren" and coped out for a not-so-brilliant finale.  (*Spoiler* Adrien Brody plus Chicken-Lady sex equals some kind of weird).
15. The Ghost Writer = B- = This Roman Polanski snoozer would make you want to laugh if it wasn't so boring, though Kim Catrall's faux-British accent is worth a giggle.  The whole movie builds up to the most disappointing climax since.. well since my teenage sexual escapades.  
16. Machete = B- = This film started off as a raw-rollercoaster ride of adrenaline, gore and fun and slowly fizzled into a Eli-Roth-shot-on-cheap-digi-hand-i-cam piece of shiza.
17. Predators = B- = This movie was pretty much what I expected.  Started off cool and fizzled to a "there may a sequel" conclusion. In addition, Laurence Fishburn's cameo was pointless. 
18. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland = B- = This film was pretty disappointing.  CG and Johnny Depp don't make up for lack of character development.  The Red Queen was by far the best part of the film.
19. REDC+ = Bruce Willis is retired.  Helen Mirren is retired. Morgan Freeman is retired.  John Malkovich is retired.  Mary Louise Parker is bored.  I can relate with the later in this 111 min. blow-em-up snooze fest.  Helen Mirren is however the baddest mother when it comes to pruning roses and handling a submachine gun. 
20. Sex and the City 2 = C+ = Yet again another waste of $95 Million.  This film was just frivolous and ludicrous.  No average movie goer will sympathize with a badly written 15 minute scene where the characters are rushing to the airport because if they miss their flight, they will have to rebook and have to ride *GASP*... coach.
21. The Clash of the Titans = C- = It should have been called Clash of the CG effects.  Luckily I did not pay double the price to see this awful film in a blurred frenzy of 3D.  The Medusa effects were clearly the best part of the film, but over all twas a bust (and not the boob kind).
22. A Nightmare on Elmstreet (2010 remake) = D = Wow, neither scary, nor well acted and quite clearly not as amazing about the original.  Obviously just a ploy to make a quick buck. For shame money-grabbers, for shame.


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Date:2010-01-26 09:44
Subject:2009 in Film...
Mood: film rating

Of the 2009 films I saw this year, which were my favourites you ask?


Well my dear and faithful readers I think it will be easier to create a brief list with letter grades, in order of what I lurved to what I hurted (er… loved to what I hated). 


  1. Star TrekA- (definitely the best all year)
  2. Slumdog Millionaire ... B+ (Thinking way back to the begining of the year, I love this film, it's faaaanntastic)
  3. Avatar B+ (pretty damn good and amazing effects, wished I was in the Na'vi world for days after I saw it)
  4. WatchmenB+ (Matthew Goode is sooooo good)
  5. Whip ItB+ (much funnier than I expected)
  6. Inglorious Basterds …. B+ (the ending made this film, as did Christoph Waltz)
  7. Where The Wild Things AreB+ (beautiful film about big monsters)
  8. Drag Me to Hell B (classic Sam Raimi)
  9. The HangoverB (not as funny as I thought it was going to be but pretty durn good)
  10. Julie and Julia ... B (This film should just have been about Julia Child as the Julie Powell bit was just annoying, Meryl Streep however, as usual, was fantastic)
  11. Brüno ... B (not as good as Borat, but tried it's darndest)
  12. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ... B- (There was so much CG in the last 20 min. that I could barely concentrate)
  13. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince B- (very disappointing sequel)
  14. Confessions of a Shopaholic ... B- (book was much better)
  15. My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009 remake) ... C (this film was saved by the new 3D technology)
  16. Jennifer's Body ... (as expected, a terrible Megan Fox film) 
  17. X-Men Origins: Wolverine C- (Inferior … Nuff’ said)
  18. Friday the 13th (2009 remake) ... C- (hot hot hot Jared Padalecki was the best part of the film)
  19. 17 Again ... D (Sadly I saw this, sadly it exists, sadly)
  20. Terminator Salvation … D (Sam Worthington was the only good thing in this tragic sequel … of epically terrible proportions)
  21. Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian ... D- (Terrible, adding hundreds of new characters and cramming in old characters, and making Amy Adams a cocky Emilia Airhart... blurg)

I may have forgotten some films when writing this but promise I will update once my mind wakes up… of epically terrible proportions.

Update:  Hopefully I have added in all the films I have seen.  This is in fact in the order I would personally rate them on how good they all are.


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Date:2010-01-07 12:27
Subject:Life and where it takes me
Mood: listless

A friend told me recently after reading my New Year's message that I should write a column.  I thought, 'Wow', and 'Smashing' and all sorts of other enthusiastic phrases.  Next question, how does one get to write a column?  Answer?  Journalism school, networking, actually getting your face out there.  How do I do that?  No fekking clue.   I am at the point now in my life that I don't want to work in an office job anymore.  I'm kind of at the point where I want to say 'screw security let's have an adventure'.  

I should really go back to school and get my masters, but an MFA is a laughable expense.  Maybe a BSC or a Law degree but to do this I will need to put myself at least 25000$ in debt plus live with my parents for two years (to save money), plus have no life so that maybe when I'm 35 I'll have a bad ass career.  But then again I'd be wondering where my youth went and realise I won't be able to afford nice things until I'm 50. 

Life is a total double standard.  You can be awesome but you'll be poor.  You can have money and have lots of nice things but you'll be bored to tears wishing you were awesome and fun.  I think my main point is that I miss London.  I miss the UK, my friends, the gallery but not being broke.  If I could make at least 2500$ a month writing for a weekly column I think I could survive.  Now if only I could figure out how to make people read my livejournal  and launch me into super-stardom???? hmmmm.


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Date:2010-01-06 07:58
Subject:Unobtanium my eye!
Mood: Reviewing

Bonjour les amis!!!  Comment ca va?  Bueno?  I think I've mixed several languages just then.  So Hello and a Gooden Morning to you all (if there is anyone reading this).  I am writing via my t'internet connection before work and will tell you a magical tale of forests, blue people and a secret war.  No no, this isn't the Smurfs vs. Doctor Doom, it's the magic of Avatar (fades to black and cue music).

Avatar is a wonderful film with a heartening message of save the environment and racism is bad.  The script (by good ol' Jimmy Cameron) is blessed with such lines as 'For your children and your children's children' and 'That's what I'm talkin' about'.  What he may lack in depth of script developement he makes up in super duper IMAX 3D effects that will blow the minds and socks of anyone who can actually see and are allowed in the theatre (as this film does contain some nuddy patooties, small children may not be allowed).   The experience is quite amazing and splendifferent if you are able to by-pass the bits of cheese factor.  Besides the effects, actor Sam Worthington's yumminess (more so as his CG-Avatar counterpart) and actress Zoe Saldana's captivating role make this film.  I walked out of the theatre feeling amazed and warmed by the films message but was still able to point out at a handful of things that made me cring because of pure fromage.

Now how shall I rate FernGully 2009 (or 2010 as it was released on the cusp of this new era) you ask?  Well I shall be breaking up the film rating thusly today folks:  I give the IMAX 3D filming effects a praising MW rating of A and an IamMB rating of 9/10 .  I give the script, acting and rest of film an MW rating of B and an IamMB rating of 6.5/10 for nice performances and okay script, if not a bit too long, a bit cliche and a bit preachy.

Well done Jimmy C, I can't wait to see Battle Angel in 2012.


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Date:2010-01-04 07:20
Subject:The “Queen’s” New Years Message
Mood: optimistic

A wise man once said, ‘many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.’ I find this true when looking around the glorious city of Ottawa, and feel a refreshed sense of, nothing ever changes. I have spent the past decade either in school trying to figure out who I am, moving overseas to find out who I am, working in about every field I could imagine myself in to find out who I am and still I find myself back in Ottawa doing the same things with the same people. Of course some may reflect on this and think I am being negative, but the contrary is true, I may be doing many of the same things, but I am doing them with a completely different view on the World and I find it very exciting.

This year brought me a new job, a new apartment and a new take on my relationship and though this was sometimes scary and stressful it was also exciting to see myself finally grown up. It has taken me ‘oh-so-many’ years to realize that if I need to get things done in my life I actually need to be assertive, I can rely on myself, if I make a mistake it won’t be the end of the World, if I am criticized it won’t break my spirit. I mean I could write a long tangent of metaphors but somehow I don’t think it would relay my message any differently, perhaps only with more vigor and substance, but I digress.

This year I have been very blessed to return home to Canada and reconnect with friends and family whom I had not seen since 2006. I was so very happy that I was able to make new bonds with amazing people that otherwise my old self may not have had the courage to talk to. I am also blessed that I am sharing my life with such an amazing person who truly understands me and makes me laugh more than anyone I’ve ever known.

It’s incredible to believe that we have all reached an era where Horror Films are just 95 minutes of torture and where artists like Lady Gaga can make ‘humena-humena’-millions of dollars by singing songs about how she likes big penises. Thinking back (way back) to those days in the 1980s when we all thought we’d see a hover-board or car and Clint Eastwood making spaghetti-westerns on Mars I am amazed to say that we haven’t done so badly. We survived 911, an ill-executed ‘Third World War’ and Britney Spears latest Pop-tastrophe. Folks we did alright.

Everyday we are learning new things and meeting new people and not appreciating what we have. Maybe we don’t need to find ourselves, maybe this is who we are. Ever growing, always learning. Flawed and fallible but still frickin’ fabulous human beings.

Finally I’d like to make a suggestion to us all. Put down the iPhones, unplug your headsets, turn down your speakers, turn off your HD-Flat-Screen-TV’s-with a built in cooker and tell your loved ones something nice. Tell them something warm and loving. ‘Thanks for washing the dishes.’, ‘I Love You.’, ‘Thank you for this year.’ Anything you want. In an era with so many ways to communicate I think we all spend way to much time ignoring each other and not appreciating the little things.

I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year.

Love to you all,
Always champagne kisses and caviar dreams


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Date:2009-12-08 09:39
Subject:Useless Fluff typed during a boring AM.
Mood: upset tummy

In the wake of ‘The Avengers’ film series, I’ve decided to rate most (if not all) the live-action superhero movie franchises I’ve seen with my MW rating system. If such a system existed in a real magazine it might go a little something like… ah-this:

Batman (and Spin-offs) Franchise:

·        Batman (1966): C- …. Even as a child I knew this movie was cheesy. The killer shark that attacks Batman looks foam.

·        Batman (1989): B

·        Batman Returns (1992): B+ : Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman... Nuff' Said.

·        Batman Forever (1995): B-

·        Batman and Robin (1997): D- … so terrible, but drunkenly enjoyable at the same time.

·        Catwoman (2004): F … Halle Berry as Catwoman… Nuff’ Said.

·        Batman Begins (2005): B+

·        The Dark Knight (2008): A- … The best thus far.


Superman (and spin-offs) Franchise:

·        Superman (1978): B- … not a big superman fan, but this was quite good for the era.

·        Superman 2 (1980): B … I haven’t seen the Richard Donner cut but loved the original.

·        Superman 3 (1983): C+ … Richard Prior comedic style doesn’t really seem to save this film. I liked the fact Lex Luther wasn’t in this one though.

·        Supergirl (1984): C+ … Enjoyably terrible. There were of course too many characters, ideas and dreadful special effects.

·        Superman 4 (1987): C- … apparently Christopher Reeves had lots of production problems and it’s pretty evident.

·        Superman Returns (2006): B … Bryan Singer brought some life back to the franchise, however not enough revenue.

X-Men Franchise:

·        X-Men (2000): B … A modest attempt at capturing the essence of the comic. It works 2/3 of the way through

·        X2 (2003): B+ … an amazing sequel and fantastic story line which lined up a potentially great future for the franchise.

·        X-Men the Last Stand (2006): B- … a new director didn’t mean an exciting new direction. The story and action fall flat in this blockbuster, fans still cry for Bryan Singer (the original director) to remake the film.

·        X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009): C- … great special effects take over a story line lacking depth, character development and emotion.

Spider-Man Franchise:

·        Spider-Man (2002): B

·        Spider-Man 2 (2004): A- … amazing sequel and special effects,

·        Spider-Man 3 (2007): B- … very disappointing finale for the first Spider-Man trilogy.


Fantastic Four Franchise:

·        Fantastic Four (2005): B … Enjoyable but not long enough. The end battle was edited down waaaay too much.

·        Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007): C+ … Silver Surfer and Galactus effects were amazing but the movie lacked a lot of continuity and imagination. *Spoiler* How did the Human Torch get Invisible Woman’s powers at the end if she was supposedly dead?


Blade Franchise:

·        Blade (1998): B+

·        Blade 2 (2002): B- … This film contains a CG fight sequence that looks like a slightly higher budgeted Tekken arcade game.

·        Blade Trinity (2004): C-


Hulk Franchise:

·        Hulk (2003): B- … I did like this film, despite the story being slow, the film time too long, and having terrible special effects. Hmm maybe I should re-think this review.

·        The Incredible Hulk (2008): B+ … amazing reboot of the franchise

Hellboy Franchise:

·        Hellboy (2004): B-

·        Hellboy 2 (2008): B+


·        Captain America (1990): C+ … from what I remember it was alright, but very violent and made Captain America look a bit like a jerk. An example is when he yells ‘Heads up’ to the Red Skull's daughter seconds before his shield knocks her head first over a ravine. Yikes.

·        The Rocketeer (1991): B … One of my favourite Disney flicks as a child, despite the cheese factor.

·        Spawn (1997): C- … Cape effects are the best part of the film, Nuff Said.

·        DareDevil (2003): C- ... having seen the Theatrical version and Director’s Cut I can safely say this movie is terrible and should have been shelved. Though I do like the beginning.

·        Elektra (2005): F … I haven’t been able to watch this film in one sitting yet, it’s that bad.

·        Sin City (2005): B+

·        300 (2007): … B+

·        V for Vendetta (2007): B

·        Ghost Rider (2007): C

·        Iron Man (2008): A … quite frankly one of the best Superhero movies ever made.

·        Watchmen (2009): B+ … visually appealing but did lack some depth from the comics.

Upcoming SH films that I can’t wait to see:

Kick-Ass (April 2010)
Iron Man 2 (May 2010)
Thor (May 2011)
Spider-Man 4 (May 2011) (Update:  Spider-Man 4 has been cancelled in favour of a 2012 re-boot of the series)
The Green Lantern (June 2011)
The First Avenger: Captain America (July 2011)
The Avengers (May 2012)



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